Trickster Eats the Children

"I wonder that you never get plums, they grow so near you!" The bear-women wanted to get some at once. He said: "Go up the river a little way; it is not far. Take all your children with you that are old enough to pick. Leave the babies here and I will watch them." They all went. Then he cut all the babies' heads off. He put the heads back into the cradles; the bodies he put into a large kettle and cooked. When the bear-women came back, he said to them: "Have you never been to that hill here? There were many young wolves there." "In that little hill here?" they asked. "Yes. While you were gone I dug the young wolves out and cooked them." Then they were all pleased. They sat down and began to eat. One of the children said: "This tastes like my little sister." "Hush!" said her mother, "don't say that." Nihansan became uneasy." - Excerpt from tribal story "Trickster Eats the Children"


Composted of plaster, wire mesh, recycled plastic forks, trash bag, recycled paper plates & spray paint

(C) J.L. Mathis 2019. All Rights Reserved