J.L. (Jess) Mathis is a sculptor grown from the roots of a communication design field. While earning her BFA in Illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, J.L. began to experiment with three dimensional media and works. 

From these experiments her pieces have grown into sculptural masterpieces, recogonized by her peers and fellow artists. She was featured in the MassArt All School Show of 2015 for her sculpture "Trickster Eats the Children", as well as the Senior Illustration Thesis Exhibition of 2015 for four pieces depicting tribal trickster mythology. Other publications include the Central Connecticut State University's HELIX Art & Literary magazine Spring 2015 Edition, and mixed media artist Seth Apter's blog "The Altered Page".

In the Fall  of 2015, J.L. will be featured at the Drezner Visitors' Gallery at the Farmington Valley Art Center in Avon, CT. She also looks forward to her piece "The Price of Pets" being published in AppliedArts Magazine for their November/December 2015 issue.


She specializes in use of recycled materials, ranging from plastic utensils to harvested wood scraps, and everything in between. As a lover of animals large and small, J.L. is known for creating pieces designed to ask questions and bring awareness to the plight of many species. 



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